Right holders stand up to content uploading by users of Yandex.Music

Users of Yandex.Music now have the opportunity to independently add music to their personal collection and share it as in YouTube.

The users have the opportunity to download their content and share it with other users as was reported by company’s rep. According to the rep, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, YouTube video hosting and Soundcloud streaming audio service have a similar model.

However, right holders stand up to the innovations of Yandex. According to Alexander Blinov, the General Director of Warner Music Russia, Yandex did not coordinate the innovation with the copyright holders, and we are categorically against it”.

Yandex’s rep says the company has provided a content protection system. If a user downloads a track owned and controlled by music companies – Yandex.Music partners, a right holder will receive royalties. It also doesn’t matter under what name or quality the track was downloaded.  The service will scan the downloaded files and include file listening  statistics in the right holders’ reports.

In addition, Yandex has created its own content recognition system, similar to YouTube’s Content ID technology, when an audio file is scanned to create a unique sound track print. At the time of downloading the file by the user, the system will scan it and compare it to the database of available prints .

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