End of piracy era

 WEBKONTROL have noticed the positive development of Russian anti-piracy legislation over the last five years.

However, Russian consumers still do not recognize pirate sites as wrongdoers. According to the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) 81% of Russians do not treat online content as a valuable product (as compared to food or clothing) and disagree that right holders should receive compensation for downloading or watching audiovisual work.

Notwithstanding that online-piracy situation in Russia remains challenging, WEBKONTROL noticed the positive tendency of anti-piracy campaign – the legislation has evolved and the most productive blocking campaign took place in 2018 – over 3 000 sites were shut down permanently for copyright infringement.

The analysis of Similarweb database proved that the monthly traffic of most blocked websites dropped dramatically. For instance, one of the most popular streaming site hdrezka.me has lost from 90 million to 215 000 of its monthly visits since February 2017.
In November 2018 Russia’s largest IT companies and right holders signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOU) designed to rid the search platforms of infringing content. WEBKONTROL confirmed that the delisting mechanism works just fine: Yandex removes infringing URLs which helps to clean up the search results.

Site-blocking proved to be an effective tool against rapidly growing traffic and both Russian and foreign right holders plan to bring more site blocking actions in 2019.

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