Anti-Piracy Litigation and IP Disputes

WEBKONTROL is one of the most widely recognized providers of full range of anti-piracy services for leading businesses worldwide

Anti-piracy litigation and copyright disputes is our key practice area. Applying WEBKONTROL advanced search and fingerprint technologies and solutions, we detect the most infringing and non-compliant resources which severely damage the industry and bring them down using powerful tools of anti-piracy and site-blocking laws implemented in Russia. We were the industry pioneers who addressed and applied permanent site blocking and content removal procedures on behalf of our major foreign clients in local jurisdiction. 

Our high-profile lawyers provide both litigation-related and strategic advice, helping clients to clear the market from illicit content and achieve their objectives on the market.  

We work with all types of content, ensuring that artistic works, music, software, publications owned by our clients are fully protected and properly rewarded.

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Russia has implemented a three-step process of site blocking for copyright infringements

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